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Do I Need a Flash Drive To Print at Staples? 

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So here is a relatable scenario – you rush out to visit Staples and print important documents before the deadline. You walk through the door and realize you forgot your flash drive that has the documents. Is it possible to print without a flash drive at Staples, or are you doomed?

You don’t need a flash drive to print at Staples. This printing company has self-service machines with online access. This means you can print directly from your email or the cloud to save time. You can also upload your documents from home and order the best-quality prints.

Flash drives or not, you can always print at Staples. So how can you print without a flash drive, and is it better to do so? Today we will delve into these questions and discover Staples’ outstanding services, so read on!

Ways to Print Without a Flash Drive at Staples

There are two ways to print at Staples without your flash drive. The first way is to use the store’s self-service printing machine. The second way is uploading digital files and ordering online from Staples’ official website. 

So today, we will look into the step-by-step formats for these two methods. So let us begin!

Steps to Use Staples’ In-Store Self-Service Printer

If you are familiar with internet cafes or cybercafes, Staples’ in-store self-service touchscreen printers will be easy to handle. These machines have several services, such as:

  • Copying
  • Printing
  • Faxing
  • Scanning

So if you have your documents online, you can use them directly to print your stuff without needing your flash drive. The printer increases productivity and lets you control how you like your printed results. For example, you can go for:

  • Black and white prints
  • Colored prints
  • Color copies

These self-service printers are easy-to-use and fully access Google Drive and DropBox documents. So here is how to use the touchscreen-enabled self-service printers at Staples’ physical shops:

  1. Upload your required document on Google Drive or DropBox.
  2. You can use the copy directly at the store if the document file is in your email box.
  3. For this, mail your document to [email protected].
  4. Now, head to your local Staples’ and look for a self-service printer.
  5. Use the touchscreen to tap the “Print” option on the self-service printer screen.
  6. It then redirects you to a screen that asks permission to print from email, USB, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
  7. For this example’s sake, choose the email option.
  8. Check your mail to find a confirmation reply with a barcode or an 8-digit confirmation.
  9. If using the barcode, face the screen with the bars at the printer’s designated scanning area, and scan it.
  10. Enter this code to access the document on the printer.
  11. Select your desired quantity, output color, 2-sided option, print size, and staple.
  12. Click on “Preview” to ensure the final print quality and quantity.
  13. If confident, press the “Print” option on your screen. Now, your printing is done!
  14. Finally, pay the amount by swiping your credit card or Staples cash card in the PoS machine. You will find it attached to the side of the printer.

You now have your freshly printed and high-quality documents!

Steps To Upload Files for Staples’ Orders

Staples offers the best solution if you want the highest quality prints without leaving your home! You have to upload your documents on Staples’ official website, and you are good to go. These files must be on your computer to be uploaded to the site. 

Ordering Staples prints from home is a secure process. It also prevents damage to your flash dry due to wear and tear over time, unless yours is the kind that has wear leveling.

The brand ensures the highest form of digital safety for your documents. So you won’t need to worry about losing crucial and legal documents. It is an easy-to-follow and quick process, ensuring perfection in printing. So, how does the process work?

Here is a step-by-step guide explaining it all:

  1. Head over to Staples USA’s official website.
  2. On the top-left corner, click on “Services.”
  3. Here, you will find the option “Print and Marketing Services.” Click it to be redirected.
  4. On this page, check the top right for a bar menu, “Document Printing.”
  5. Here, you can choose between “Simple Print” and “Professional Print.”
  6. For more services, check out the specialized products such as “Blueprints” and “Booklets.”
  7. Choose your option and click on “Start Project” underneath it.
  8. A prompt will come up asking you to browse your files.
  9. From here, you can upload from your Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, or from the computer.
  10. Select your files for printing from either of these storage options.
  11. You can also upload multiple files for printing.
  12. Wait for all of them to upload for your online order.
  13. Now click on continue to go over to the formatting step.
  14. Here, you can start by renaming your file name to help you identify it.
  15. Now, start by choosing your paper size and visual mode.
  16. You can choose between portrait mode and landscape mode.
  17. You can also choose your paper layout and type to match your expectation.
  18. Staples’ orders are available in black & white and colored options, so take your pick.
  19. Check the number of copies you need and finalize your delivery and payment method. 

Staples offers same-day delivery for all orders made before 2 PM. And if you make an order over $49.99, your delivery will be free! These online orders are available at affordable prices for all individuals and businesses.

Reasons to Choose Printing at Staples

When you are moving documents online, the priority is safety. And Staples ensures that their client’s electronic data is in safe hands. Staples’ enhanced document protection offers data encryption to secure all folders, files, and client data from nosy hackers.

Moreover, Staples uses long-lasting toner and ink cartridges that enhance every paper they print on. Not to forget, quick services, one-day delivery offers, and flash-drive free printing at-store makes Staples trustworthy.


In conclusion, you do not need a flash drive to print at staples. You can upload them on your Google Drive or Cloud or mail them to Staples and print them out when you get there. And if you need your documents printed but cannot head out, you can order them online for same-day delivery.

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