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Playing Steam Games On PS4: Here Is How To Do It

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Steam is the biggest PC gaming platform out there. On the other hand, PlayStation is one of the most popular consoles that people choose to play games on. Many people have wondered if there is a way to play Steam games on PlayStation – the question is, can this really happen?

To play Steam games on your PlayStation 4 start by downloading the Steam app, signing in on your account, and then purchasing or downloading your chosen game. In order to play, you need a constant connection since any instability will affect the gameplay and cause lagging and slow speeds.

There is an interesting conversation online about playing games on Steam or the PlayStation 4. However, with this, you can play games in high definition on a larger screen and get the best of both worlds. We will even show you how to use PS4 controllers with Steam games. Keep reading this article to learn more about this!

How To Play Steam Games On Your PlayStation 4

Until very recently, it was impossible to play Steam games on your PlayStation 4. However, with the method we describe, you can play Steam games on the console. You should note that you cannot use cross-play, and will have to get a new copy. 

The Steam store, offered by Valve, is a PC-only game store. In essence, purchasing a game on Steam only allows for it to be played on the PC. On the other hand, the PlayStation Store, as the name suggests, only allows for PlayStation games to be played on a supported console (PS3, PS4, PS5.)

But, with the advent of new features, you can now play games from Steam on your PlayStation using your PC as a bridge in-between. Do note though, that in no way can you run a PC game natively on a PlayStation or vice versa. 

Here’s what you need to do to get access to Steam games on your PlayStation 4, and enjoy the greater processing power and much more.

Switch On Your PlayStation 4

First and foremost, you will need to switch on your PlayStation 4. Wait for the setup to complete, and then allow the home screen to be accessible on the PlayStation. Now, you can open up a web browser on the screen.

Download The Steam App

When you open up the web browser on your PlayStation, you can look for Steam. Now open up the link that you see in the web browser. This will open up the homepage for the official site for Steam on your PlayStation 4. 

Sign In To Your Steam Account 

In the next step, you will have to sign in to the homepage of the official Steam website. From here, you can sign in to the Steam account you already have set up. From here, you also get access to the store and library, and can look for any games that you like and want to play on the PlayStation 4. 

Pick The Steam Game To Play

Once you have logged into the Steam account, you will be able to look in the store for games that you want to play. Once you find a title that you like, you will have to purchase it. Click on the name of the game, and then choose to add it to the cart.

Once you do this, a new window will open up in the web browser. From here, you will need to select the option ‘Purchase for myself.’ This will initiate the process of giving you access to the game you want to play. 

Pay And Download Your Steam Game

Once you choose the games, you can now move on to payment. In most cases, this can be a bank card, or an alternative payment method, depending on your region. Once you make the purchase, you will have a copy of the game. 

The next step is to download the game. This is where Internet access comes in. You need to have an internet connection that can handle large-scale downloads. This is because some of these games can take up around 10-15 GB of space. 

Play Games On Your PlayStation 4

As soon as your download completes, you can see it through the library. You can use this method to play games on your console, and you will be able to play the games with some amazing graphic quality you can experience.

The only drawback of this system is that it requires a consistent and excellent connection to the Internet. In order to play, you need a constant connection, and any instability will affect the gameplay and cause lagging and slow speeds. 

How To Use A PlayStation Controller For Steam Games

While you may be intrigued by the PlayStation 4 as a console to play Steam games because of the ability to access better GPU processing, another reason may be the controller. The PlayStation controller is well-known across the world for its quality.

Playing games on a PC has one notable disadvantage, you don’t get to have the experience of using a controller that has a more nostalgic appeal. While Steam has had its own controller that is no longer available, it does support the use of other controllers while playing their games. 

To make this connection happen, you will need to be able to connect the PlayStation 4 controller to the computer you use for Steam. This requires the use of a USB cable that can connect the two together. 

Therefore, you need to purchase a micro-USB cable first to make sure you can connect the controller to your PC. However, before you make such a decision, do consider the ability to use the controller for the games you are playing.

Not all Steam games are compatible with a controller. So always make sure to check beforehand and see if they can work with an external controller. Once you know for sure that you can use an external controller, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Switch on your PC and get it ready for the connection with the controller.
  2. Connect the PlayStation 4 controller to the computer you use for Steam.
  3. You will need to make this connection happen through a micro-USB cable.
  4. Run Steam through the app on this computer.
  5. When Steam launches, you will be taken straight to the home screen.
  6. Click the option to view the menu. You will be able to see this at the top and the left of the screen. 
  7. From here, choose the option ‘Big Picture Mode.’ You will be taken to the new mode on your PC as a result of this choice. 
  8. Once this happens, you will see the option for Settings at the top-right of the screen. Click this option to open up the Settings menu.
  9. From here, choose the option for controller settings on Steam. 
  10. Select the checkbox that says ‘PlayStation Configuration Support.’
  11. You will be able to see the controller that belongs to you in the next list, which features all controllers that are nearby. 
  12. Click the name of your controller, and then choose ‘Register.’
  13. Now, you can add a personal touch by deciding on the name, the color of the light, the brightness of the light, and more.
  14. Click submit, and you can now use the controller on any compatible games. 

With this process, you are now ready to start using the PlayStation controller even for games on Steam that you play on your computer! 

The Benefits Of Playing Steam Games On PlayStation 4

As you can see from the content and discussion above, there is definitely a difficult process in store when you try to play Steam games on the PlayStation 4. This prompts the question – why even bother? 

For one, a lot of players feel more comfortable playing games through PlayStation. It does give you access to better graphics, and since you often play on a bigger screen, it’s usually a more rewarding experience.

At the same time, PlayStation also gives you access to superior controllers. These are essential for two reasons – the quality and the experience. If you grew up playing games on whatever was available, you most likely associate the feeling of a controller with a decent gaming experience.

Therefore, a sentimental and nostalgic element exists in wanting to play games using a controller. Add to that, the PlayStation controller is also an excellent accessory for gaming even within its own niche market. 

The fact that rendering and graphics quality is better, along with controller quality, does make playing on a PlayStation more desirable. However, it is also important to acknowledge that Steam has a lot to offer as well.

CostFree to download, cheaper gamesUSD 400-500 to purchase, and more expensive games
ExclusivesNot often availableCommonly available for games
User-friendlyHighly user-friendlyLess user-friendly
AccessibilityAccessible to anyone with a PCNeeds a purchase as well as a screen to cast on.
ControllersNo longer availableHighly regarded by community
Types of gamesDigital copiesCan be physical or digital copies
ModsEasily accessibleHarder to access and use
A comparison of features offered by Steam and the PlayStation.

In fact when compared, Steam often comes out on top as a winner. Reports suggest there are more users for the software, and that is because of its accessibility. If that is the most important factor for you, you already have an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you thinking up questions about this process that still need to be answered? We’ve done the research so we can answer all of the common questions you may have about this topic. Keep reading to find out more!

Q1. Can you continue your Steam game on the PlayStation 4?

Unfortunately, you cannot continue a game you start on Steam on your PC, on the PlayStation 4. This is because each version of the game is a separate copy. You can play different games on each platform, but there is no way to connect them across different platforms, at least not at the moment. 

The simple reasoning behind this is that neither Steam nor PlayStation wants to avoid you purchasing games on their site. Therefore, users are encouraged to buy a new copy of the game every time they use a new platform to keep bolstering revenue. 

Q2. Are there Steam games that are available on PS4?

Yes, there are plenty of Steam games that you can find and play on the PlayStation 4. There are also games from the PlayStation originally that you can play on Steam even when you are on your computer.

There is no doubt that the experience of playing games on your computer versus playing on a PlayStation may vary, but you can play with the console and the computer for a number of titles. 

Q3. Can I connect Steam to my Xbox console?

As of this moment, there is no solid way to connect Steam to the Xbox console and play games. However, as the popularity of cross-platform gaming increases, there is a chance that this may change to accommodate what users want from developers. 

In a similar way to the process we described above, you can connect the Xbox and use the web browser to get access to games on Steam. However, you will still need a very fast internet connection, and even then, you may not have access to all titles.


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