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Tracking Your Stolen PS4 Or PS5? Here Is What You Need To Do

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A PlayStation holds a lot of meaning for people who use it – not only is the console costly, but it holds all of the copies of your favorite games. In that case, it is no doubt gut-wrenching to find yourself in a situation where your PS4 or PS5 is stolen, but the question that arises is – what can you do if this happens?

To track your stolen PS4 or PS5 you will need your MAC address associated with the PlayStation. With this, the support team at Sony can flag your console as a stolen device and use the information to track it. Sony can then assist police officers, so be sure to inform the police as well.

While there is no doubt a lot of stress that comes with losing a PlayStation 4 or 5, you can help retrieve it using the information in this article. As a bonus, we will also go over alternative ways to track your PlayStation, and how to deactivate accounts. 

Can I Track My PlayStation 4 Or PlayStation 5?

I’ve often been asked by peers when they’re in a conundrum, “how do I find my PS4?” Well, while there is no location tracking system available on the PlayStation 4 or PS5, you can get your console back by contacting Sony. If your PlayStation is used again, Sony can track the device using the MAC address. Here’s how to do this process.

File A Report With The Police

One of the best ways to get the process of retrieving your PlayStation back is to contact your local law enforcement. You should file a police report. Based on this report and the information you collect next, you can get your PlayStation tracked. 

Get The PlayStation’s MAC Address

Important: Write down the MAC Address as soon as you can and store it somewhere safe. So that if you get your PS stolen you have it right away.

Here’s what you need to do to get this information:

  1. In the main menu, go for the Settings option. 
  2. Navigate to the option ‘System.’ Select this link.
  3. Now, go over to the System Information section.
  4. You will be able to see the MAC address for your LAN or Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Write down the MAC address and keep it with you ahead of time.

Talk To Sony Customer Support

With the MAC address in hand, you will need to contact the customer support team at Sony. They will ask for information and can flag your console as a stolen device. They will then use this information to track your device. This process may take time. 

Connect With Police

While you wait, let the officer in charge of your case know that Sony is in the loop, and any further developments they share with you. You can also ask the police officer to connect with Sony so the information can be shared between these parties.

Possible Retrieval And Return

If the PlayStation is found in the situation where someone logs in, the police can go to the location in question. If you are lucky, they may be able to retrieve the device and arrest the people or person responsible. 

Using Airtags To Track Your PlayStation 4 Or PlayStation 5

If you want to be able to find the precise location of your PlayStation in the situation that it gets lost, you can use Bluetooth trackers. Airtags (link to Amazon) are the most common trackers, but there are also alternatives like TILE or Chipolo.

FactorApple AirtagTILEChipolo
ConnectionBluetooth, Wideband, NFCBluetoothBluetooth
Range100 meters40-140 meters60 meters
Battery LifeOver 1 year1 year1 year

A comparison of various Bluetooth tracking devices – Airtag, TILE, and Chipolo. 

You can use the Apple Airtag to locate lost items, and report items as lost. Here are some of the common things you can do with an Apple Airtag. 

Look For The Location Of The Item

When looking for your lost items, you can start out by trying to look for their precise locations. If the location is able to be seen, you can simply find the location on maps. Apple does not recommend that you attempt to visit the location for stolen items. 

Instead, forward the information over to the police to assist in their search. If an item cannot be located, you will still be able to see the last location. You can also switch on the notification that will alert you when the item is found. 

Make The Airtag Play A Sound

If the location shows the PlayStation is nearby, you can use the sound alert to find it. All you have to do is use the Find My App, click on the Apple Airtag in question, and then choose the option ‘Play Sound.’ This will help you hear a loud sound to locate the missing PlayStation. 

How To Lock Your Stolen PlayStation 4 Or 5

There is no direct way to remotely lock your PlayStation 4 or 5. However, you can change your PlayStation account details and remove any payment information if you fear that your PlayStation has been stolen.

You can also ask Sony for assistance in making this process happen. Luckily, to do this, all you need is the account information for your PSN account, and you can carry it out on any other devices. Simply sign in, go to Media, and then deactivate devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have questions about how to retrieve a stolen PlayStation 4? Here are some of the answers you might be looking for!

Q1. How does Sony track a PlayStation?

Sony can track when a new login happens on a PlayStation. If this is a stolen PlayStation, this information can assist an active police investigation. 

Q2. What does a PlayStation deactivation do?

If you deactivate a device on your PSN account, you cannot access content that you buy on that console. Any subscriptions can also be lost. In some cases though, you may be able to get refunds in this situation. 

Final Thoughts

Having a beloved PlayStation 4 or 5 stolen can be extremely worrying. We hope that with this guide, you are able to get your device back. If you still have your PlayStation, we recommend you take proactive steps to ensure you can track it even if the device is stolen. 


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